COVID-19 Rules

Warning – Risk of Covid-19

Covid–19, often referred to as coronavirus, is an infectious disease that can result in serious and potentially fatal illness. There is a risk of the transmission of Covid–19 in any environment where people come together.

This risk increases in enclosed spaces and with increased numbers of people. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has advised that the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions are more vulnerable. Upon entering The Dockyard Club, you assume all risk associated with Covid-19.

You also agree to:

  • Abide by all government guidance aimed at preventing the transmission of the virus (details of which can be accessed via the following link; and
  • Follow all directions provided by staff members and set out in the signage within the venue. You must not enter the venue if you believe that you may have been infected with Covid-19.

Failure to comply with these measures shall entitle staff to seek your ejection from the premises.

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